Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Thought// Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation

I don't know what exactly drew me to this foundation to be honest. I never tried the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation because it's not exactly targeted for my specific skin type but for some reason, I was drawn to this one. It could be due to the fact that it was receiving fairly good reviews on YouTube, or the fact that it stated that it was a "shine free" foundation. With that said, I basically hunted this down when I went to the States last month - if you're Canadian you know it takes ions for us to get anything new - and finally found one at Wal-Mart. I believe it was about $8-10 USD. 

This foundation, as stated above, claims to be shine free. It's a gel stick foundation with what is marketed as an "anti-shine" core to "instantly" dissolve oil. I picked up the shade 220 Natural Beige because between this one and the shade above, this one looked like it had yellower undertones. It is smidgen light for my skin however it works well if I keep it away from the perimeter of my face [which generally tends to be darker anyway..]. 

I find the fact that it's a stick foundation to be rather convenient if you're on the go. I've heard it applies best when blended out with fingers, however if I'm not in a hurry I like to blend it out with my MAC #130 duo-fibre brush. I would say the coverage is light to medium however it's definitely something I'd recommend using on good skin days, or if you don't really need full coverage to begin with. 

As for it's "shine free" claims.. to be honest I don't think it hold true to those claims. The "anti-shine" core is supposed to dissolve excess oils however I find that I get oily quicker with this foundation than I do with the Revlon Nearly Naked [Review HERE]. I would probably recommend this foundation to those with normal skin because it doesn't hold up amazingly against oily skin, however because it's in a stick formulation I don't think it'd agree with dry patches either - it may even accentuate them more than you'd like. If you're a teen whose just starting out with makeup this might be for you as well as it's easy to use and take with you on the go. Otherwise.. it's not my favourite.


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