Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blue Jeans, Black Shirt

Side Slit Tee//Costa Blanca [SIMILAR]
Faux Leather Moto Vest//Aerospostale [HERE]
Distressed Boyfriend Jeans/Bullhead Denim Co.//Pacsun [SIMILAR
Scarf/Marraine Scarf; "Boyer Bay'/Wilfred//Aritzia [HERE]
Acessories//Ardene & Spring
Nails/Sole Mate//Essie


P.S. Sorry it's so dark!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Essentials

Despite the fact that we've been experiencing slightly bipolar weather lately, fall has finally come and I couldn't be more excited. Fall is my all time favorite season. The great "just right" weather, the fashion and makeup trends are always something look forward too. It's also my birthday season so that's always something to be excited about. 

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick post about my current fall essentials. These are just items I've been gravitating towards since the weather started changing. 

Coquette Scarf; "Wind"/Wilfred//Aritzia [HERE]
While the price tag on these uber popular blanket scarves is a little heavy on the pockets, I definitely now see why so many people love them. They're cute, they're warm - 100% wool - and they're huge! [hence blanket scarf]. I have two styles of these scarves and I'm embarrassingly looking into picking up one more.. But I feel they're worth it! I'm not saying go out and buy this exact one, but a goo scarf is definitely an essential for Autumn. 

Mariun Ankle Boots//Call It Spring [HERE]
I love fall because I love wearing boots. I've been obsessed with ankle boots lately and while I wasn't initially in love with these ankle boots, I've been wearing them a ton ever since. A good boot is a must for Fall!

Even though the weather is getting cooler, it still gets quite sunny outside so having a pair of sunglasses definitely helps shield your eyes, protecting them at that! I personally love aviators on myself and gold framed aviators just scream Fall to me for some reason..

iPod Nano; 3rd Generation//Apple
School has started back up again and because I commute to school I like to catch up on sleep on the GO Bus as much as I can [I'm sure any GO transit rider can agree with me on how comfortable the seats can be!]. I like to rip out my trusty iPod when school starts because its compact and with the help of a decent pair of in-ear earphones, I can drown out the annoyingly loud chit chat that happens on the bus [who has that MUCH energy at 7:30am? Really..]. 

iPhone Wristlet//Michael Kors [HERE]
My boyfriend got me this wristlet with the intention of making sure I only carry the essentials in my wallet. This wristlet has been such a convenience cause it has a slot for my iPhone! I hate bringing a bag sometimes so the fact that this has an iPhone slot makes things so much easier.  I think this is more of a year round essential for me but I thought I'd throw it in since I've been loving it so much!

Bold Lip Colors; Rebel & Red Velvet/Satin Lipstick & Lip Butter//MAC & Revlon 
Fall is definitely vampy bold lip color season and I LOVE it! My faves are MAC Rebel - a deep berry shade, and Revlon Red Velvet - a deep blood red shade. Wearing these bold colors with a nude eye is such a pretty look to me. Plus it cuts your makeup time in half!

So those are just a few Fall essentials for moi! Let me know what your Fall essentials are down in the comments. 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Losing My "Hero Burger" Virginity

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went out for lunch and decided to finally give into the hype that is "Hero Burger". For those who don't already know, Hero Burger is a famous burger joint with overpriced hamburgers and snazzy wrapping. We'd given "Five Guys" [another burger joint] a try and loved it so while we were cruising around trying to figure out where to eat, we ended up parked in front of a local Hero Burger. 

Walking in was, being the blind person that I am who stubbornly doesn't want to wear glasses on a day to day basis [bad I know..], it was tough to read the overhead menu so after squinting and standing super close, I decided to go for their signature hamburger combo. My boyfriend, trying to keep in theme with his obsessive chicken diet opted for the Italian Chicken sandwich or something a rather. 

I'll cut straight to the chase and say that it wasn't all that satisfying.. Sorry to those who are avid Hero Burger lovers but I just wasn't totally impressed. I think it's got something to do with the burger bun being cold.. or untoasted? The burger patty itself was good and the dressings weren't totally off putting however I wasn't exactly moaning from a foodgasm. The fries were good though! My boyfriend's sandwich was alright although he wasn't thoroughly impressed with his meal either.. apart from the fries. 

Anyway.. there's goes my Hero Burger virginity!

P.S. Threw in a cheeky public washroom selfie for fun..

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Casual Wednesday

Crew Neck T-Shirt//H&M [HERE]
Denim Shorts//Levi's
Shoes/420 Classics//New Balance [SIMILAR]
Hat//Oakley [SIMILAR]
Bracelets//Brandy Melville

Honestly.. I'm not digging the sudden spurts of humid weather we've been having lately! It's uncomfortable and I'm so over summer. Looking forward to having sweater/scarf weather again..


Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day Back on Campus

Sweater//Costa Blanca [SIMILAR]
Boyfriend Jeans/Bullhead Denim Co.//Pacsun [HERE]
Scarf/Coquette Scarf; "Wind"/Wilfred//Aritzia [SIMILAR]
Bralet/Talula//Aritzia [HERE]
Wristlet//Michael Kors [HERE]
Watch/Riley Rosegold Boyfriend//Fossil
Bracelets//Nox Apparel [HERE]
Necklace/Jeneri Jewelry//Etsy


P.S. Time to hit the books! Good luck to all those going back to school!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Monochrome Stripes

Striped Oversized Tee w/ Pu Collar//Costa Blanca
Black Trousers//Costa Blanca
Scarf/Coquette Scarf; "Wind"/Wilfred//Aritzia
Ankle Boots//Fergilicious by Fergie
Wallet/iPhone Wristlet//Michael Kors
Eyeshadow Palette/Naked Basics//Urban Decay
Watch/Rosegold Riley Boyfriend Watch//Fossil

[Yesterday's work outfit. Loving the oversized stripe tee!]


Friday, September 6, 2013

Gone Are The Days of Summer..

Tulip Hem Tee//Costa Blanca
Denim Vest//Levi's
Burgandy Skinny Jeans//Costa Blanca
Scarf/Marraine Scarf; "Boyer Bay"/Wilfred//Aritzia
Shoes/420 Classics//New Balance


P.S. Trying out a new way of posting outfit/fashion blogposts since school will be starting up again. Let me know how you like it! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Writer's Block

Ever have that feeling where you you're itching to write a post but don't know exactly what you want to write about? Well that's me.. Right now.. In this very moment! I went from having posts lined up to per day to struggling to let words flow onto the page. It's annoying but I'm not going to force myself to post something I'm not entirely invested in myself. So the result? A rant of sorts to writer's block! 
It's like that tip of the tongue syndrome where you have the answer but can't seem to produce verbal response. It's frustrating and it'll bug you for a while. For me.. It's a lack of creativity. I'm going to say its due to lack of sleep. I've been restless and basically SLEEPLESS the past couple weeks I truly believe I've turned into an insomniac! It doesn't help that I'm feeling ill at the moment as well. Having a cold is "just my cup of tea" in such sleepless situations. 
Anyway, before I further go off topic, writer's block.. Or in this case, blogger's blog has not been fun for me at all - hence this totally irrelevant blog post. But hey.. It's my blog. I can write whatever I want can't I? 

Hoping to get back on track..
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