Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fashion Pick-Ups// ARITZIA, LEVI'S & OAKLEY

Classic Rise Straight Cut/Demi Curve//Levi's
Denim Vest//Levi's
Black Snapback//Oakley
Coquette Scarf in "Wind"/Wilfred//Aritzia

I went to the Toronto Premium Outlets yesterday with my boyfriend and his family and while I didn't find too many good deals, I did land a few steals at Levi's and Oakley. While Nike and Levi's were my only targets on this outlet adventure and the Nike outlet sadly a dud, Levi's wasn't a complete let down. Obviously they didn't compare to the sales in the States, however I did manage to score a pair of $10 jeans and a denim vest. Funny store with the vest.. I probably went back and forth within the store trying to decide if I wanted to buy it.. trying to justify it for myself really. In the end I obviously decided to purchase it as it's posted here on my blog! How could I pass it up when it retails for $80, outlet priced at $60 and promoed for an additional $15 off! Anyway, I wasn't intending on purchasing anything else but stumbled upon a hat I've been wanting from Oakley on clearance for $15. To find out that it was on BOGO made it even better so I basically got it for $8. Apart from the outlet the only thing I purchased full price yesterday was yet another scarf from Aritzia that I've been anxiously awaiting for. I picked up one of Aritzia's famous Wilfred blanket scarves in "Wind"! Love love love it [despite my weeping pockets!]. So those are my most recent purchases..


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