Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fashion Pick-Ups// ARITZIA [Wilfred Haul]

Helena Dress - Wilfred Free [HERE]
Zimmer Dress - Wilfred Free [HERE]
Shalom Sweater - Wilfred Free [HERE]
Marraine Scarf in "Boyer Bay" - Wilfred [HERE]

I've been slightly obsessed with Aritzia lately, which is definitely out of the norm for me as I've been raised to find bargains and sales. Being the cheap shopper that I am, venturing into the land of Aritzia has kind of burned a hole through my already shallow pockets, however.. who could turn away when items that are normally $100+ get marked down 50-70% off! After years of getting what you pay for, I figured it was time I start investing in quality over quantity, right? With that said, here's what I've picked up over the past couple weeks. Most were from the "Snooze You Lose 50-70%" summer sale - which is still going on btw, so I recommend checking it out ASAP! - and one was a long thought out purchase being as it was regular price [I couldn't resist.. thinking about it weeks on end shall justify my purchase - *cue the buyer's remorse*]


P.S. The fact that all my purchases happened to be from Wilfred was NOT on purpose.. I swear!


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