Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Maybelline Volum'Express the "Colossal Cat Eyes" Mascara

I've always been a fan of most Maybelline mascaras, especially once they've "aged" a little. For those of you who've used Maybelline mascaras, you know what I'm talking about. For those that don't know, Maybelline is known to have really wet formulations for their mascaras, and while some may like that, I'm not a big fan because I find that when the formula is on the wetter side I get clumps easier. Anyway, before I veer any further off topic, I figured share my thoughts on the Colossal Cat Eyes mascara, which I'll say right now.. I've already repurchased.
I purchased mine at Wal-Mart for about $7 in the regular formula, shade - "Glam Black". Maybelline claims this product will give you "colossal feline-like lashes in one stroke". It has a "claw brush" (which is technically just a curved brush.. keeping in the feline theme I guess) with a collagen infused formula. My lashes are relatively average length and while they're not super thick, they're not relatively sparse either. 
Like all other Maybelline mascaras, I find that this one performs a lot better once it's gotten a little older because I can build more volume and encounter less clumping when the formula's a little drier. I really like that the wand isn't plastic and the curved brush helps maintain my curl while still allowing me to layer numerous coats (not that I actually layer more than 3 coats anyway..). I can only imagine how well the waterproof version would hold a curl in place even more! I can also separate my lashes fairly well with this brush considering I was never a pro at using a curved brush. 

The formula is nice once it's dried out a bit because it gives the lashes volume and lengthens them just enough that if I were to just wear mascara, I'd be content. I also appreciate how it doesn't flake or smudge because I think I can vouch for just about every girl and say that flaking and smudging are big "No No's". I wouldn't say it necessarily lives up to it's claims of "colossal feline-like lashes in one stroke", however it's a great everyday mascara and I've personally been enjoying it. Hence the fact that I've already repurchased it. 

So you know my thoughts on this product, what are yours? Have you tried it? Did you love it/hate it? Leave a comment down below on your thoughts and if there are other, possibly better mascaras I should try. Hope everyone's doing well!



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